i was away for a vacation =P
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Tutorial - How to join our Ventrilo Server

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aK.un | SooKy

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PostSubject: Tutorial - How to join our Ventrilo Server   Sat Mar 07, 2009 1:19 pm

We got a Ventrilo server, which is a voice server that allows voice communication in-game or on Windows.

Go to www.ventrilo.com
Then go to downloads section, download the client, install it. Its free and easy to use.

Open the program. A window should pop up
Next to username there's an arrow pointing right. Click that, go to 'New' and fill in a name. Forget the phonetic and everything below that. Press OK

You should be back at the first window. Now to click on the arrow under 'Server'. Go to new and add voice server info:
Port: 4944
press OK

On the right side, theres a button called setup. Click that
Make sure you check the "click to push to talk hotkey"
Under that is a box labelled 'Hotkey'.
You don't have to click it; Just type or click whichever shortcut key you want to use to talk. This means whenever you want to talk just hold down this shortcut key and let go when you're done.

***Make sure your CS in-game voice communication shortcut key isn't the same as your Ventrilo shortcut key or else everyone hearing you speak will hear a double echo which makes you sound ridiculous.***

Adjust the set-up settings to make your voice as good as possible.
To test your voice with the new settings before saving, simply click the 'Test' tab and hold down the shortcut key as if you were talking on Ventrilo.
After you let go you'll hear a preview of your voice.
Save the settings after you're done.
Then click on 'Connect' on the main Ventrilo window.
You may see different "chat groups" after you connect.
Just simply double click on the chat group's name and you'll be switched to it. Only people in the same chat group can hear each other.
Now you're ready to talk!

***Note: When you talk on Ventrilo, minimize it so that Windows doesn't make the annoying sound when you hold down a key.***

I dont know if you've read my previous posts about how important Ventrilo is in a scrim. You can talk when you're dead and give tips to people still alive and locations of the enemy. Everybody in CAL uses it.

If you can't understand this guide then you deserve to get smacked.
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aK.un | JuiCe

aK.un | JuiCe

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PostSubject: Re: Tutorial - How to join our Ventrilo Server   Fri Mar 20, 2009 10:39 am

Anyone who has a mic needs to join our Ventrilo server before scrimming. If you don't have a mic try to get one ASAP
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aK.un | K. YunG

aK.un | K. YunG

Age : 25 Join date : 2009-02-22 Posts : 395 Location : UK

PostSubject: Re: Tutorial - How to join our Ventrilo Server   Fri Mar 20, 2009 10:47 am

got 1
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PostSubject: Re: Tutorial - How to join our Ventrilo Server   

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Tutorial - How to join our Ventrilo Server

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